Branolia 200 ml

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Enriched with Brahmi…

Branolia is an ayurvedic tonic based on the knowledge gleaned from the ancient ayurvedic texts on the regenerative and memory enhancement power of the Brahmi. Behind the Branolia formulation lies 93 years of research and acceptance of millions of households. Brahmi in Branolia helps increases memory, concentration and thinking power and keeps the body healthy and tuned. Along with Brahmi , Branolia contains Satamuli, Berela, Ashwagandha, Jastimodhu and Alkushi which have higbody rejuvenation properties.

Branolia is suitable for all ages. Ingredients in Branolia helps students enhance academic performance, for middle aged it keeps the brain and body tuned for the daily rigours and for the aged it helps manage age related mental degeneration.

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